We leverage Salesforce to understand your audience and guide your decisions for an optimal customer experience.

Expand your reach to maximize your sales opportunities and drive the growth of your business.

Data and technology have the power to help sales and marketing teams reach customers and build meaningful relationships more effectively than ever. The key to making the most of this potential is working with a team that leverages the right tools.

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management tool designed to build a connected ecosystem of customer information and sales data to create a single source of truth. Dynamic customer profiles update in real time, ensuring all information is accurate and current.

With a wide range of applications, Salesforce has the power to significantly shape customer and professional experiences alike. For businesses, Salesforce provides valuable insights into campaigns and content while eliminating data silos so that personalized messaging can be delivered automatically. On the customer side, automated emails and landing pages tailored to their needs help reach your audience where they are. Providing them with the information they need exactly when they need it can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

The highly connected nature of Salesforce allows companies to create seamless experiences for their customers.

When a product or service involves a significant investment on a customer’s behalf (in terms of time or money), making the sales process as effortless as possible is particularly valuable.

Salesforce has a very wide range of applications, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed after implementation. This is where partnering with the right agency makes a difference.


Salesforce by the numbers

With Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce clouds, Salesforce can help transform your organization’s approach to business development and application engineering. With Sales Cloud as your foundation, you can build your perfect CRM solution.

Used by 22.9% of businesses globally
Over 150,000 active business customers
Beyond 1,300 Trailblazer communities globally
58% reported payback in one year

Salesforce support services

OneMagnify specializes in helping companies leverage Salesforce to meet their most complex needs. Very often, consultancies deliver on implementation, but fall short when it comes to support. OneMagnify provides end-to-end Salesforce support, from defining usage and implementation to ongoing optimization and management.

Our goal is to help clients get Salesforce right from the start. When we get involved early in the process, we’re able to help clients rightsize their solutions and minimize upfront costs. We work to understand a company’s unique goals so that we can recommend the right services to help reach them.

OneMagnify’s Salesforce practice includes Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud, and Pardot. Within Marketing Cloud, Email Studio is a key part of our practice, including A/B testing, subscriber management, working with Content Builder, and creating triggered emails. We also utilize Journey Builder to create one-on-one customer paths and Automation Studio to handle marketing and data management tasks.

Our experience with Sales/Service Cloud includes platform administration, system development and integration, developing workflows, and object management. Within Pardot, our experience goes beyond email creation to include custom integrations and connector management. We also provide critical ongoing support from troubleshooting and system management to real-time tracking and reporting.

Salesforce use application

OneMagnify worked with an automotive company to set up their retail marketing cloud through Salesforce. In this case, we were invited on board early in the process before the company had invested in any Salesforce solutions. By getting involved from the start, we were able to provide valuable insights about what services they realistically needed for optimal results. Doing so saved the client time, money, and headaches by avoiding the common issue of over-licensing, where companies end up paying for Salesforce applications that end up underutilized.