We use Google Cloud Platform to help you see the big picture and set bigger business goals.

Collect actionable data, gain in-depth insights about your audience, and create a path for significant growth.

OneMagnify has been a Google Partner since 2019 and is actively working toward Premier Partner status. With marketing and technical team members who have passed Google’s credential and certification process, we have a thorough understanding of their products, services, and the best ways to leverage them.

Our sales and development teams can coordinate their efforts to define cloud-native solutions that drive business outcomes. We deliver complete Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support and services, not piecemeal solutions.

Our GCP environment was developed in collaboration with SADA, a leading consulting and IT services partner. This allowed us to build a secure and efficient hosting platform while being trained on implementing and managing GCP tools and services, using Terraform code to manage the hosting environment, establishing best security practices, and implementing point-to-point VPN.

Our developers are able to launch code quickly, and with a connected internal pipeline, various teams are able to push changes through as needed. From developers and system administrators to data analysts handling lead scoring, everyone comes together to use GCP to its full advantage.

Google Cloud

Leverage Google Cloud in your digital transformation

Google Cloud can be an integral part of your digital transformation strategy. It leverages Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning to transform how your teams collaborate.

Supports over 1,400,000 websites
10% market share
21% cloud spending growth forecast for 2023
85% of organizations will be cloud-first by 2025

Scalable infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform offers a high level of scalability that helps reach customers without latency. We’re able to create environments across different zones of the cloud, and GCP scales naturally in response to changes in demand.

GCP’s highly scalable nature is beneficial on many levels, both for OneMagnify and our clients. Its on-demand nature offers cost savings over up-front infrastructure investments while minimizing supply chain risk when purchasing new hardware.

The same scalability supports organic and strategic growth, allowing for easier integration after mergers and acquisitions.

GCP also acts as a replacement for technologies that aren’t native to the cloud, simplifying software patching and upgrades.

Data and marketing

Google Cloud Platform is a powerful tool for gathering data from various sources and helping companies build pipelines to make it actionable. Seamlessly integrated with many services, including Google Marketing Platform and third-party services, we use GCP to help you develop data workflows, analyze data, and put that data to work for your business through marketing and customer relationship applications.

GCP use application

We used Google Cloud Platform to launch a lead collection platform for an automotive manufacturer. In this case, we wanted to collect prospects interested in purchasing specialized police vehicles to replace older vehicles in police department fleets.

Once launched, interested parties were able to sign up for more information about vehicles. That information was then sent to dealers who could follow up and provide them with more information and special offers.